Welcome to Little Darlings Adoption Agency! Despite recent reports, We are still a "fully licensed" adoption agency focused on matching children-in-need with loving, lightly screened parents.

Due to recent financial concerns, we have renewed our "commitment" to never letting one of our darling little whippersnappers sit on the shelf for more than three months. So, please, help us meet our quotas. "Adopt today." Because... a child in need is a terrible thing to waste.

Advantages we offer over "those other guys" adoption agencies:

- Lightning fast background checks

- "Minority Mondays" and "Two-fer Tuesdays"

- Adopt one, get your second one half off!

- Free parking!



Alvin is our most senior adoption agent and consistently closes more adoptions than any of our other staffers. He has been voted Adoption Agent of the year (1987) and continues to "wow" his ever-expanding client list. Before entering the field of adoption, Alvin sold used speed boats. In his spare time Alvin enjoys: tetherball, Outback Steakhouse and other "guy stuff."


Stephen may not close as many adoptions as the others, but he is always willing to "chip in!" Whether he is taking out the trash, doing someone else's dishes, or meeting with the Department of Health and Human Services, he is always there to help out. Stephen’s favorite things are the look in a child’s eyes when he finds them the perfect home, and sweaters. Stephen has a college degree!


Peg, The Pit Bull of Adoption, works closely with her common-law husband Greg to bring a great "Couple's Perspective" to the adoption process. Unable to give birth herself, Peg is always fingering through the files to see if one of our available children is right for her (and Greg), but so far none have met her standards. Peg is known for her dedication, kind heart, and ability to make her husband cry. We at Little Darlings know that one day Peg will make a great mother to a very specific type of child!


Greg is "the man behind the woman." While his common-law wife, Peg, does the daily paperwork for this "one-two punch" team, Greg busies himself with the less tangible aspects of adoption. Like showing up to work every day, driving Peg to work, and he is also in charge of the TiVo.©, Greg regularly represents Little Darlings at the National Adoption Agency Association of America's "annual conference."


Candi is the office Santa Claus. She checks her list twice, and she knows who has been naughty or nice. She is a wiz at forms, charts, baked goods, and making children feel wanted. Her inventory re-stocking rate is hovering just below 50%.

Email our staff at littledarlingsshow@gmail.com